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1.关于旅游的英语作文。 要有翻译





关于旅游的英语作文。 要有翻译

       A trip to BeidaiheLast Sunday we had a short trip to Beidaihe.We set out in the school bus at 7:20am。the weather was pleasant and every one of us was excited,After two hours’ride,we arrived there at nine thirty.We played games on the sands and swam un the sea happily.After that ,we had lunch in a restaurant.In the afternoon we walked along the beach .It is very beautiful and we took many photos.we enjoyed ourselves very much.Time passed quickly and we had to leave .It was half past four when we returned safely .what a wonderfor trip we had! I will never forget it.北戴河之旅刚过去的星期日,我们进行了短暂北戴河之旅.我们在七点二十乘车。宜人的天气和我们每个人都很激动,经过两个小时的路程,在九点半到达那里.我们开心地在沙滩上玩游戏和游泳.之后,我们在餐馆吃午餐.下午,我们沿海滩走了。它非常漂亮,我们照了很多照片.我们玩得很开心.时间过得很快,我们不得不离开这里。4时30分,当我们安全返回。


       第一篇 Once three years ago, I went to Qingdao, three years later when I again set foot on this piece of land of Qingdao, I was deeply attracted by her beauty, such as the one after an absence of long-lover ... ...

       青岛三面环水,一面环山,独特的地理环境,造就了她得天独厚的风景人文景观。 Qingdao is surrounded by water, one side by mountains, the unique geographical environment created a unique landscape of her cultural landscape. 这次去青岛正好遇上下大雾,远处的楼群在雾中若隐若现。 Trip to Qingdao, right there under the fog, the distance-rise buildings looming in the fog. 据导游说,青岛的楼房建筑风格有26国风格之多,我没有细数,也分辨不出来。 According to tour guide said the architectural style of buildings in Qingdao, there are 26 countries many styles, I did not breakdown, but also to distinguish not come out. 青岛的城市是建在小山坡上的,车开在狭小而干净的山间街道上,一会上升,一会下沉,一会是九十度的转弯。 Qingdao city is built on the hills, he drove in a small mountain and clean streets, one will rise for a sink, one will be turning ninety degrees. 人们都好奇的等待,希望下一次的转弯出现的是另一番美景,而青岛每次都没有令游人失望。 People are curious to wait, hoping the next turn there was another round of beauty, but each time it failed, Qingdao, will give visitors a disappointment. 跟随着导游的解说,我们一路左顾右盼,郁郁葱葱的青岛植物园、偌大的汇宾广场、旧时的德国监狱……还有很多我记不清的美丽景点,不断的从我们眼前闪过,然后慢慢向后边退去。 Followed guide, explanations, and we were glance right and left, Qingdao lush botanical gardens, the huge Department of bin square, the old German prison, I can not remember ... ... There are many beautiful spots, constantly flashed before our eyes from, and then slowly retreated behind. 车窗外,一个红发、碧眼、高鼻梁的外国男士正在街边的人行道上小跑,他穿着运动的球衣球裤,显然是在锻炼,我不由自主的看了看表,才发现这是在午后! Outside the car, a red hair, blue eyes, high nose of foreign men are street sidewalk trot, He was wearing sports pants jersey ball is clearly in the exercise, I could not help of looked at my watch, it was found that this is a Afternoon! 青岛潮湿的空气、蒙蒙的薄雾和并不热烈的阳光会让你忘记了时间……听说青岛很多沿海的别墅楼群都被外国人买了去,作为他们休闲度假的场所。 Qingdao, moist air, misty haze, and do not let you forget the warm sun of time ... ... heard a lot of the coast of Qingdao, villa-rise buildings have been bought to foreigners, as their venue for leisure. 精明的外国人在周游了世界之后,最后的落脚点选择了青岛,足以说明青岛的魅力与吸引力! Shrewd foreigners traveling the world after, the final choice of Qingdao, Qingdao, illustrates the charm and appeal! 当你在青岛旅游观光的时候,也许在不远处的别墅里,正有一个金发、碧眼的美丽女郎,正在阳台上品着咖啡,朝着你深情的微笑……正所谓你在桥上看风景,楼上看风景的人在看你。 When you travel and tourism in Qingdao, when, perhaps not far from the villa, is a blond, blue-eyed beautiful girl, is the balcony top grade of coffee, affectionate towards you smile ... ... the saying goes, you look at the bridge scenery, the people upstairs to see scenery see you.

       我总觉得生活在青岛的人们是幸福的,整个青岛就像一个大大的花园,是风格各异、参差不齐的楼群点缀了这个“花园”,而不是这些花园、植物园点缀了这座城市! I always felt that people living in Qingdao, is happy, the whole Qingdao, like a big garden styles, uneven-rise buildings interspersed with the "garden" rather than the gardens, botanical gardens dotted the city ! 青岛不但是个旅游的天堂,也是个消遣、饮食、购物的天堂。 Qingdao is not only a tourist's paradise, is also entertainment, dining, shopping paradise. 日本的足疗、韩国的料理、法国的家乐福等许多久负盛名的厂商和知名品牌纷纷在青岛安家落户。 Japan's Foot, South Korea's food, the French Carrefour and many other prestigious companies and brands have settled in Qingdao. 如果你是个美食家、购物狂或者是个追求完美主义的人,那么青岛你一定不可不去。 If you are a gourmet, shopping, mad, or is a perfectionist doctrine, then you must not do not Qingdao. 因为在青岛,你不用出国就可以享受不同国家和地区的异域风情,满足你对不同国家和地区、美食和购物、物质和品位等种种不同种类、不同层次的追求。 Because in Qingdao, you do not have to go abroad can enjoy the different countries and regions of exotic locations, to meet your different countries and regions, food and shopping, material, and taste all kinds of different types, different levels of pursuit.

       俗话说靠山吃山,靠水吃水。 As the saying goes reflects environment Everyday, relying on water draft. 黄海长长的海岸线不仅为青岛提供了充足的水气、湿度和日常休闲的好去处,也是人们财富的源泉。 Long coastline of the Yellow Sea, Qingdao has not only provided sufficient moisture, humidity and daily a good place for leisure, but also people's source of wealth. 青岛沿海岸边停靠着的大大小小、满目苍痍的渔船仿佛向你诉说着大海汹涌与强大,以及他的富有与神奇。 Qingdao, the coastal shore dock with the big and small, everywhere Cang bruise fishing if you tell the sea to the turbulent and powerful, and his rich and wonderful. 你可以想象这小小一叶片舟与大海搏斗时的惊心动魄,也可以想象它鱼儿满仓凯旋归来时的喜悦之情。 You can imagine, this little one struggle with the sea when the boat leaves the soul-stirring, it is also conceivable that the fish warehouse full of triumphant joy when they return. 站在青岛的栈桥上,吹着徐徐的海风,你可以嗅到海里鱼虾的味道,它们深深钻入你的鼻孔,然后侵入你的心脾。 Standing on the pier in Qingdao, sea breeze blowing Xuxu De, you can smell the flavor of sea fish, they are deeply penetrating your nostril, and then break into your Heart and. 幻想华灯初上的时候,美丽的大海上将会是怎样的一种奇景? Across from the time when fantasy, the beautiful sea will be what kind of a spectacle? 我没有见过,不过现有的景象已经让我深深沉醉。 I have not seen, but the current scene has given me deeply immersed. 我醉了,醉在青岛迷人的景色里…… I am drunk, drunk in Qingdao, where the charming scenery ... ...

       第二篇 Good morning, everyone! Nice to meet you ! I'm your tour guide today, Welcome to my hometown ---Huanggang.

       Huanggang lies in the middle of Hubei Province, It has a veyt long history and many beautiful views.For example, Chibi Park and E'huang Bridge are the most beautiful and relaxing among them. And the air is very clean and fresh. Hong'an is very historical and educational. Huangmei is famous for the Huangmei Opera -----one of the greatest local operas in China.

       Huanggang is also a good place for shopping and having delicious food . So far, a lot of new shopping malls and plazas have been built. You can buy what you like there ,If you want to try traditional Huanggang fodd,you can go to Night Snack Street, The food there is both dilicious and cheap.

       There are still many other interesting and exciting things waiting for you to enjoy yourselves! Let's go for them!

       第三篇There are many ways of traveling such as by plane, by train, by ship, by bus.And people can choose any of ways of traveling if they like.To me, the best way of traveling on a summer vacation is to go on foot.

       My preference depends on the purpose of the travel. On a summer vacation I travel to refresh myself and to see the countryside. When I use my feet and walk on a grass covered path along a river or among the hills I feel detached from the noise of the city and closer to the nature. And when I travel on foot I get more freedom. I can plan my own schedule. I can choose my own route. I can stop where I like. And I can see things and people that I might miss if I travel on a train or on a bus.

       When faster and more convenient ways for travel are becoming available, I still favor using my own feet. I get much pleasure from it. People travel by plane, by train, by ship, by bus. To me, the best way of traveling on a summer vacation is to go on foot.



       One sunny morning,we went to the park to play.

       We entered the park east gate,they saw a round and beautiful big flower bed,have be riotous with colour flowers large flower beds,flower has a faint aroma wafting.Really fragrant ah!

       We followed a clear and clean brook walk and walk,arrived in a dense forest,tall and straighttrees.These tall and straight trees are covered by the sunshine,it is wonderful!Listen to father said,these trees have different names; also from different places.Such as Pinus tabulaeformis,it upright and vigorous -- from changchun.

       We have that clear and clean streams along the walk,to a top of the bridge,we saw just through the clear and clean stream,the stream is so clear,so clean,there are several lovelysmall fish in the water happily swim,so cute ah!

       We or along the river clear and clean streams walked and came to a small pavilion was small and happy inside to rest for a while.In the small pavilion,we talked and laughed,really happy!Why small happy little Pavilion inside so happy?

       As we continued to walk ah go,came to the park's west gate,because we want to leave.Ireluctantly,in here,I have been very happy,so I linger on and refuse to leave.

       I want to say good-bye to the big flower bed,bid farewell to the woods,bid farewell to the small pavilion,is they gave me a happy and happy.

       This park trip is my most happy day.










       旅游可以放松身心,开阔眼界,洗涤心境。你有什么难忘的旅游经历吗?大家不妨写一篇 英语 作文 描述一下吧。下面是我推荐给大家的我的旅游经历英语作文,供大家参考。


        My families plan to visit the interesting place p of Shanghai.We are led to the Oriental Pearl TV Tower ,a famous tourist attraction,which is on every Shanghainese's lips.

        It is a magnificent building located in Pudong New Area,it is the tallest building,so it's very easy to see this building,even if you are several miles away it.

        As we get to the high floor of the Oriental Pearl TV Tower,we see the attractive viwswhich includes the Huangpu River through the window.

        At the moment,l suddenly moved by the builders put their soul and energy to this building and let it be a landmark of this city.

        This is the trip l never forget.


        Hello,everyone!Do you want to know anything about my vacation?Now let me tell you!I had a very exciting vacation.

        I went to Beijing.There are many special place there.For example,Hutong 、the Palace Museum、the Childrens' Palace and more.

        I went to the Hutong first.Oh~I think it was very relaxing.

        Then I went to the Palace Museum. It was great but very crowded and boring.

        In the evening,I ate the Sichuan food for dinner.It was very delicious! ?

        I think the summer vacation was very good!


        On summer holiday my parents took me to Beijing. We stayed at Huabei Hotel. On the first day, we went to the Great Wall.

        The GreatWall is very long and old. It has millions of bricks.

        Each brick is very big and heavy. Lots of people from different countries like climbing the Great Wall.

        We felt very tired when we climbed to the top of the Great Wall.

        We also went to the Palace Museum. The Palace Museum has 9999 palaces. It has a very long history.

        I bought a lot of souvenirs of the Palace Museum. What nice palaces these are! I visited the Palace Museum and felt excited.

        If you want to know more about the Palace Museum, you can go to Beijing and have a look.

        The following days, we went to the Summer Palace, Tian Tan, North Lake and Xiang Hill.

        I now know more about the history of China.I also like modern Beijing.

        The 20XX Olympic Games will be held in Beijing.

        Later, I went back with my parents by train. I really enjoyed the trip to Beijing.

        I like this trip!


        Last summer holiday, I went to HaiNan with my family. The weather was pleasant! The sky was blue more than I could describe, the sea was blue and bright more than I could believe.

        Walking by the sea is just like being in the oil painting! We sailed to an island called Xidao. I swam there.

        Swimming in the sea is quite different from that in a pool. Bedsides swimming, we also had a good meal there. We had a nice seafood dish.

        And I bought back many beautiful shells. If you want to have a look, you may ask me.

        Or, we may go to Hainan together, for I am always hoping to come to that place again. I really like that place, a place of blue and brightness.


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        黄山是一个著名的旅游景点,黄山有哪些旅游景点呢?。那么关于去黄山旅游的 英语 作文 怎么写呢?下面是我推荐给大家的去黄山旅游的英语作文,供大家参考。


        Last week Amy and her family went to huangshan.

        Huangshan is located south anhui is China's famous tourist resort.

        A large number of tourists every year to tourism industry.

        Amy and her family went there by car and took nearly three hours. They climbing and saw the sea of clouds ,wondrous pines, unique rocks and beautiful sunrise .

        See the beauty Amy was very excited. they had a good time in huangshan.







        I had a very pleasant trip climbing the Huangshan Mountain last month.

        There were 20 of us. We took the bus and start climbing at about 10AM.

        It was a long way up to the summit of the hill and the road was muddy because it rained the day before.

        We were talking and laughing all along the road people sharing their food and drink taking pictures.We spent 4hours up and down.

        Before we left we went to the 'peasant's restaurant' and enjoyed a wonderful 'peasant meal'. It was really a pleasant trip.






        Last Saturday. I and my father mother grandparents brother went to huangshan.

        by bus. In the morning we came down the mountain. I saw wooded mountains wild flowers bloom.

        We climb up the hill along the mountain path. Come halfway up the mountain I feel a little tired,it began to rainMy West Lake silk umbrella missed.

        Dad said to me?Jill, don?t do anything halfway.?at last,So I insisted reached the top the top of the scenery so beautiful.

        We were flying kites I was thirsty my mother bought me a bottle of water.


        Finally we went home.finally,Since then I've kept the umbrella.I was very happy.